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Beth! We all think you’re super cool and would love to talk to you! And ja, when I was in high school I started talking personally to my online friends, and just recently I’ve started using those skills in IRL and it really helps, it’s good practise.

‘super cool’ oh if only you new me in real life

i’m really dorky… but still awesome

i’m confident at the moment that i’ll be able to overcome my shyness and talk to everyone more but there’s still that bit of doubt in the back of my head

but non the less I will try my hardest because it would be great to talk to you more properly c: <33

Good, cause I’d bet all your followers love hearing from you — otherwise they wouldn’t be following.

Me, too, if you ever wanna chat you can have my Skype (meinpotatoes) c:

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Favourite. Song. Evar. <3

Oh, my best friend does these things. 


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